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With great pride, we present CHR Ms. Mitsuhikokura 521, the direct daughter of the revered TF 149 Mitsuhikokura and Suzutaka 2. This remarkable female carries an exceptional lineage that blends the marbling genetics of Tanshige and the Kumanami strain of Tajima, which are traced back to the legendary World K’s Suzutani. Additionally, this lineage is enhanced by the great line of Yasufuku J930, World K’s Takazakura, and the superior growth of TF 149 Mitsuhikokura.

It is important to note that TF 149 Mitsuhikokura inherited the Fujiyoshi line sire Dai 14 Shigeru, a critical line known for its maternal traits. This remarkable combination of genetics also offers superior growth performance, further aided by the Okayama and Hiroshima heritage attributed to Dai 2 Sakura, the dam of World K’s Takazakura.

CHR Ms. Mitsuhikokura 521 is one of only a few Suzutaka daughters still producing offspring, and her exceptional lineage is a testament to the meticulous art of cattle breeding. These superior growth genetics combine with the marbling potential behind Yasufuku J930, Tanshige, and Shigeshigenami. We are honored to have her in our herd.


This outstanding wagyu female comes from an exceptional lineage steeped in the rich heritage of the wagyu breed. The female carries an impressive lineage attributed to her sire Tf813 Kimitofuku and her dam TF151 Itozuru doi, which both speak to the art of selective breeding.

In addition, MOR MS ITOZURU FUKU carries the Hikokura maternal line straight from Japan, through her dam. This lineage is highly valued for its superior maternal characteristics, which play a crucial role in producing top-quality wagyu beef. Hikokura is also known for its exceptional marbling, which contributes to the exquisite flavor and tenderness of wagyu beef.

The sire of MOR MS ITOZURU FUKU, Tf813 Kimitofuku, is also a highly respected wagyu bull, known for his exceptional carcass quality and strong maternal lineage. His influence can be seen in the remarkable marbling finesse of the meat.

As a result, MOR MS ITOZURU FUKU’s lineage combines a mixture of superior genetics, ranging from the Hikokura maternal line to the spectacular carcass characteristics of Tf813 Kimitofuku. Her impressive heritage makes MOR MS ITOZURU FUKU an excellent addition to any wagyu breeding program, and we are proud to have her in our herd.


The extraordinary WKS CHR Ms. Tanitsuru 621A is a superb Wagyu female with a distinguished lineage demonstrating the best in the breed. An exceptional female, this breed is the result of careful and selective breeding, which combined the superior qualities of Tanshige with those of Monjiro and the revered Tanifuku Doi, a direct descendent of the legendary “Hyogo Cow” Kikutsuru.

Tanifuku Doi is highly regarded in Japan due to its unique fat profiles, which are revered for its flavor and tenderness. Its influence can its seen in the remarkable marbling potential and meat quality of WKS CHR Ms. Tanitsuru 621A. With such an impressive lineage, it’s no surprise that Tanifuku Doi was estimated to appear in an astounding 50% of all pedigrees in Japan at one point.

Our herd is honored to produce offspring from this well-respected breed, including daughters from the highly regarded TF148 Itoshigenami, Kenhanafuji, and TF 40 Terutani. The offspring of these remarkable cows will certainly be highly sought after within the Wagyu breeding community due to their exceptional characteristics.

Overall, WKS CHR Ms. Tanitsuru 621A represents a true masterpiece of selective breeding, marrying the best Wagyu genetics for excellent meat quality and marbling potential. We are proud to have her in our herd and look forward to seeing her remarkable legacy continue.

CHR Ms. Hisako 654C is an outstanding example of the art of selective breeding. She possesses a rare and exceptional lineage that seamlessly blends the superior genetics of Tanshige and Monjiro with that of Yasumidoi and Kikumidoi, all through JVP Fukutsuru 068, son of Dai 2 Yasutsuru Doi.

A renowned trait leader in marbling trials, 068 has left a lasting impression on the world of wagyu breeding. CHR Ms. Hisako 654C exhibits excellent marbling potential and meat quality as evidence of this remarkable influence. Its impressive lineage is a testament to the skill and expertise of selective breeding, producing a cow that embodies the very best of Wagyu genetics.

TF148 Itoshigenami and Kenhanafuji daughters are among the offspring of this exceptional breed that our herd is honored to include in its lineage. Consequently, these offspring can continue the outstanding traits of this extraordinary Wagyu bloodline by passing on the characteristics of their lineage.

As a whole, CHR Ms. Hisako 654C is a magnificent example of combining the very best Wagyu genetics. We are proud to have her in our herd and look forward to seeing her remarkable legacy continue for generations to come..

Introducing the beautiful CHR Ms. Sanjirou 390, a direct descendant of the legendary World K’s Sanjirou. This remarkable female has an exceptional lineage that combines the blood of Kumanami in both the first and second bulls, featuring the illustrious TF Itomichi 1/2. In addition to his excellent maternal traits, this bull exhibits outstanding phenotypic qualities. A harmonious blend of Tajima, Itozakura, Shimane, Okayama, and Hiroshima genetics, TF Itomichi 1/2 is a true marvel of selective breeding.

The additional advantage of CHR Ms. Sanjirou 390 is that, through her second dam, JVP Yuriko-1 050, she inherits a strong Kedaka lineage, resulting from pairing Fukushige, a line-bred Kedaka grandson derived from Dai 20 Hirashige. This impressive lineage combines Kedaka and Fujiyoshi genetics with the Tajima carcass performance of Monjiro, Shigeshigenami, and Tanshige, all inherited from World K’s Sanjirou. CHR Ms. Sanjirou 390 is a true testament to the art of cattle breeding, and we are very proud of her.


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