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Welcome to our Wagyu Calculator, a tool that reflects our commitment to providing you with precise and sophisticated calculations that meet our high standards.

Purpose: This tool was designed meticulously to assist you in determining the SRI (Self Replacing Index), EMA (Ribeye), MS (Marbling), and CW (Carcass Weight) When pairing any two breedings from our exceptional herd.

Selection Criteria: It is imperative for an accurate computation; one ensures the selection of one bull and one heifer. Any other combination will not yield the desired results.

Result Retrieval: Once you have made your selections, please navigate to the end of the page, where the calculated SRI,EMA, MS or CW, will be displayed.

**Disclaimer:** While we have invested significantly in ensuring this calculator is as accurate as possible, please regard this instrument as a guide for your decisions. This tool’s results are not guaranteed but are intended to provide a refined estimation to support your breeding decisions.

We trust you’ll find our Wagyu Calculators insightful and beneficial. We remain at your service, ensuring every experience with our brand is nothing short of exemplary.

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